Sandcastle provides fresh, local food. We also believe in making our food in our own kitchen on the beach. It is a delicate balance focusing on quick service and moderate prices yet maintaing quality and freshness, but we believe we have achieved it!
A Little About Our Food
Bacon for out BLT comes from Thielen Meats of Little Falls, MN.


We use butcher shop pork and beef franks. The kimchee comes from right down the street, Mrs. Yon.


The bison in our fry bread comes from Northstar Bison and is all natural. They are part ofSix Rivers Coop.


Our bread products are from St. Agnes bakery in St. Paul, MN.


The Monkey Bar is an item that we came up with and asked Jules Vranian to make for us. She is a local candy maker that specializes in artisan caramels.


Some House-Made Items


Sweet Pea Falafel in the falafel wrap.

Pico de Gallo is made fresh and used for our ceviche.

Gazpacho is made fresh.

We fry our own tortillas for the house tortilla chips.

Coleslaw for Nokomis Dog, as a side and on our BBQ Pork (that is a red coleslaw).


Many of our sauces are made in-house as well:

+ Chili Tomato Sauce (w/ corn fritters)

+ Ranch (w/ cheese curds)

+ Parmesan Dressing (on Arugula Mozz Wrap)

+ Dill Yogurt Dressing (on falafel)

+ Buttermilk Dressing (on Romaine Salad)

+ Creamy Taco Sauce (on fish taco)

+ BBQ sauce (on BBQ pork)